Armorex HB means “Decorative Durability”. Formulated with Ceramic Microspheres.

Armorex HB ™ Architectural Coating is absolutely the best way to beautify and protect the exterior of your home or commercial building.

Armorex HB ™ Architectural Coating is an Ultra Premium exterior high build coating system representing the latest in coating innovation. Infused with cross-linked hybrid acrylic resins, this revolutionary coating system provides a super long lasting finish, which is resistant against mold, mildew and algae growth, as well as providing maximum UV protection. The Armorex high build coating hides minor surface defects and bridges small cracks for an amazing finish. Armorex HB protects and envelopes your property in decorative durability, for a lifetime of protection-guaranteed.

Virtually limitless application surfaces

Armorex HB ™Architectural Coating can be used on virtually any surface, including wood, cement board, stucco, vinyl and aluminum siding.

Durability & Protection

Armorex HB ™Architectural Coating is manufactured in South Florida and is designed with harsh weather in mind – From wind driven rain and salty spray to the searing sun, Armorex HB ™Architectural Coating protects your investment for decades, making it perfect for your home or business. Our revolutionary coating system is applied twenty times thicker than conventional paints and dries to ten – twelve times thicker


Armorex HB ™Architectural Coating can bridge small cracks while expanding and contracting in the seasonal changes. This armor tough exterior is so durable; it carries a warranty against chipping, flaking, peeling, and excessive fading as long as you own you home.


Permeability or "Breathability" is critical to the performance of any paint or coating. Armorex HB ™Architectural Coating is highly resistant to water penetration, yet allows moisture vapor to escape. See test results.

Curb Appeal

Many of our customers wonder, “Once applied, what will it look like”? Simply, Armorex HB ™Architectural Coating is designed to look just like paint so, all of the structures integrity, detail and curb appeal remain intact; right down to the wood grain! Armorex HB Architectural Coating in no way compromises the look of your home or business.