The Future of Decorative Durability is Armorex

Longer Life Cycle

Traditional paints and coatings begin to crack, chip, peel and blister in less than 5 years. However, Armorex HB has a high ceramic and titanium dioxide content, outlasting typical paints and coatings by three to five times, and the surface maintains a fresh, "just-painted" look. The number one environmental condition that leads to paint failure is heat. The constant exposure to heat and sunlight begin to break down the composition of most products, causing them to expand and contract and eventually fade, crack, chip and peel. Our products, with several types of ceramics, counters heat breakdown. This technology is used by NASA on the space shuttle to protect it from burning up on re-entry.


Many ECO-Friendly Benefits

Protecting our environment is everyone's responsibility. One of the goals of our formula development process was to create a product line that was environmentally responsible. Our products are 100% water-based acrylic. They are non-toxic, contain no materials that are considered to be health hazards and require no special ventilation. All of our products are very low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Additionally, by eliminating the frequent repaint cycle we do our part to reduce the need for energy and resources to manufacture, distribute and transport these excess products there by decreasing our impact on the environment.

ECO-Friendly Benefits

Moisture Management

The image below illustrates a microscopic section of our Armorex HB membrane. The product (illustrated on the left) forms an extremely water resistant surface. However, our formula is different than other traditional products. As shown by the orange arrows, water vapor trapped behind the surface of our coating will escape through the microscopic grid of particles. Our coatings have a Permeability Rating greater than stucco. This breathability is essential for preventing the growth of mold, mildew and algae, which cause serious health risks, as well as extending the life of the structure and substrates themselves. Conventional products do not provide a barrier against heat. Our ceramic formula manages heat in three ways: repels radiated heat, reflects convected heat and resists conducted heat. This system assists current building insulation in the management of temperature, keeping the elements out and heating or air-conditioning in.

Moistue Management

Fire Protection

Our products are fire resistant and won't ignite when the product is wet, unlike lacquers and epoxies that contain combustible solvents. Our Armorex HB product line is water-based acrylic latex, and has a low amount of volatile organic compounds. Also, when dry, our products are self-extinguishing and do not support flame spread. While this doesn't completely fireproof a structure, it will slow the spread of fire without producing smoke of dangerous chemicals.


Highly Flexible

While all elastomerics have excellent flexibility, some even boasting stretch rates of over 1000%, our products will dynamically stretch 160%. While that may not seem to be superior, consider this: More times than not, products that stretch a high rate, do not fully return to there original shape.

Our products stretch 160%, and return to the original shape 100%. Matched with our permeability, you can see that we have developed a harmonious system that withstands normal building expansion and contraction, while protecting from moisture.

High Flexibility

Easy to Maintain

Dirt and grime doesn't adhere as well to surfaces protected by our coating. Exterior surfaces may be pressure washed, leaving the surface looking as if it had just been painted. Our surfaces are 60% more resistant to abrasion than typical epoxy finishes. Being easy to clean, and staying cleaner longer reduces overall maintenance costs.

Easy to Maintain

True Three Coat System

Due to the high solids content of our coatings, a 12 dry millimeter thickness can be achieved with the mid and topcoat. This thickness is eight to ten times that of traditional products, thus reducing both material and labor costs over the long term. Our coatings are self-leveling and fill unsightly cracks with ease.