Our Application Process

In real estate business everyone has heard the saying…

Location, location, location……

In the Architectural coatings business it’s…………

Preparation, preparation, preparation!

Inspection Process:

Before we begin applying our product on your property, a Dealer staff person completes a comprehensive inspection of your property’s exterior, noting all prospective surface problem areas, which may include rotting, chipping, flaking, or peeling.

Pressure Cleaning:

Before coating any surfaces, we eliminate dirt, mold, loose paint, and mildew from all areas with a good, old-fashioned pressure wash. A thorough cleaning helps us uncover problem areas that weren’t evident during the inspection.

Repairing and Preparing:

We meticulously repair all surface areas of any dilapidation, deterioration or decay and prepare for the coating process. This may include feather sanding, scraping, and caulking, using a fifty-five-year sealant. This is the last overhaul your property is going to need, so authorized Armorex dealers do it right!


To ensure a professional and neat outcome and to safeguard against possible overspray, we mask and protect all windows, light fixtures, doors, roofing, and plant life.

Project Specific Spot Primer:

Depending on project needs, Armorex dealers look for trouble areas such as hard wood tannin bleed and rusted metal areas so, that we may use specific stain blocking primers to insure the best finish. We’re only as good as our supportive foundation!

Waterproofing Adhesive Primer Seal:

We start the coating process with a waterproof, adhesive bonder sealer, which cures chalking and prepares all surfaces for the protective mid-coat. The primer seal rejuvenates and reinforces the pre-coated surface and shields it against cracks or separations. It also penetrates deeply to serve as a foundation with which the mid- and topcoat can permanently bond.

Ceramic Mid-Coat Application:

Next, our application technicians apply the custom-designed mid-coat to all the areas that have been primed. The mid-coat consists of weather-resistant pigments and ceramic microspheres. When it bonds with the primer sealer, the chemical reaction is almost epoxy-like, creating a bondable surface for the topcoat.


At this point, the application technicians re-mask the areas of your property that will vary in color. Providing the custom color selections you want is an important part of delivering a perfect product application.

Custom Topcoat:

At last, the application technicians spray on your Armorex custom color topcoat, a specially formulated combination of waterproofing acrylics, ceramic microspheres polymers, and titanium dioxides.

Clean Up:

When we have finished applying the topcoat, the Armorex dealer team will clean up any overspray, masking, and excess job materials from your property and its surroundings. We will only leave you with a pristine-looking property!